Sireet OEP 
Outgrowers Empowerment

Tea Production

Our company is focused on producing quality tea products to our esteemed customers. We have a 452 Ha tea estate and a 2-line Sireet Tea factory with processing capacity of 98000 kg of green leaf per day.

Capacity Building

We usually provide Training and mentorship programs that helps farmers in the region to diversify their activities for instance embracing Agribusiness and environmentally friendly techniques and climatic changes awareness


We are forward-thinking on investments in Fairtrade Premium to help our organisation to move up the value chain & create a sustainable investment model. Investment in social and environmental projects has helped in sustainable environment initiatives.


As our mandate, we recognize environmental matters as key in development and therefore cannot be ignored. We have plans to take care of our environment which involves educating farmers on good agricultural practices for environmental sustainability.

Who we are

Sireet Out-growers Empowerment and Producer Company was formed in 2004
and officially registered in March 2006 for purposes of investment. We
are registered under Companies Act. The company was initially called EPK
Outgrowers Empowerment Project Co Ltd. The name has since changed to
Sireet Outgrowers Empowerment and Producer Co Ltd from August 2011.
Sireet OEP is a Small Producer Organization. It was formed by small
scale tea producers neighbouring multinational tea estates in Nandi
Hills (Kenya). Members supply their tea to 4 EPK Ltd owned factories:
Kapsumbeiwa, Kepchomo,  Chemomi, Savani and 2 managed factories, Siret
and Kibwari. It has a membership of 6235 farmers and counting.

Empower farmers through training and enable them to diversify

Environmental Conservation, We have tree nursery where we plant tree
seedlings which later help us in environmental Conservation.

We assist our communities with various Facilities such as Building
Dispensaries and Health Centres, School Dormitories and Laboratories,
Water Projects

We offer Artificial Insemination Services to our Farmer and support in

other farm inputs such as Herbicides

We give a helping hand to bright yet needy students through Bursaries,

What we do

Our products

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